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Leaving school.. for today..
December 5, 2008

Hello, who ever you are..
Right now its 10:42 am, i just got home from school. As in my very 1st post, i started out having a bad day… But im home now, all by myself, Thank the Lord! Well, how did i get home? Called my mom on my Cell, and told her everything happening. My mother only works, Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday… My Dad doesnt work “in town”, he lives in P.A., because thats the Job that pays tons(Heart surgeon)…. Although my Dad hates working all the way up there, he rather do that than do nothing… My mom only works the week ends, just because its extra, and plus she really dont need to work… Sounds great, right???(no its not, they enjoy not listening to you, and buying your love) …..
Anyways, to how i got home… Well, i called my mom, she called my grand parents to get me, in Science I fake fainted from cutting open a Frog, and then came home. 🙂
Although, i shouldnt be happy, Should I? I ran away from the rumors and wouldnt take a stand for myself… 😦
Although, last time i took that “stand” for myself, also got me suspended… Maybe its because i got in a big fight because someone, called me the anorexic girl with fake big boobs… Pissed me off, just because i happen to have problem’s with myself, but what teen age girl doesnt?
By the way, in case your wondering, My “big” boobs are real, and im not anorexic… although i once was when i was 11… But thats a whole other story of my life, which i am so over…
People are now texting me things, even though there in school, here is what the 1st text reads(from a girl named Julie)
“Hey Hun, i hope ur alright.. Jessica’s a bitch! LOLZ! but really. She sux’s, XOXOXO Julie”

Julie? I met her… once… she hangs out with Jessica, not me though, probably because she is the girl i got in the fight with… -_-
A Joke about that caring text?
Most likely.
But i dont care…. i guess.
Well i should probably get busy on an English assignment, for an essay on “My Hero”… Which i do not have… So i guess i will be making up one, huh?
Catch ya later Loves.


My 1st venting post.
December 5, 2008

So right now im sitting in the Computer Lab staring at the clock and wanting time to speed up, which oddly is making time go slower praying that it would move faster… … so im sitting alone in the corner, because my “bff”? is mad at me because a awesome sweet girl is becoming a GREAT friend of mine, but that isnt “okay” with her=… so this mean ass girl, who is “my best friend”, is talking trash about me to everyone, including the boys…

My recent rumor someone just told me, is that(never knew this about myself) but i guess Im Gay, OH! and when im 18 im going to get a sex change! Never Knew that one!!

8: 50 a.m., this started two days ago…

Cant really beleive that she is doing this, stupid green eyed Monster! Does jealousy ever get the BEST of YOU? I hope not… Death glares for no reason arent fun, at all. Ive known this girl since i was 8! And now she wants to hate me for no reason.

How come ONE person can turn everyone agaisnt you? Is it because they all hate her and rather act like they beleive her so they dont get talked bad about too? Probably… Jessica(“Bff”) and I, have ALWAYS had olur ups and downs, actually more downs… She is a brat, and other things i should probably not say. She gets mad over little things, and when stuff doenst go her way, she acts like a 5 year old who cant get the toy in the store! and then she randomly picks a person to hate and say horible things about… Then acts as if she didnt do anything wrong!? She is someone i hate, dearly. Can i get rid of her? Nope. She acts as if “I hate you, and leave me alone” is “Be my bestie forever!”

Well the computer lab is coming to an end, and now im going to my class of choice: Girls Gym, so i can go work out…

I am going to hate the rest of today, but at least tomorrow is the Weekend! WOOO!… i guess…

Hope to see comments later!


1st blog
December 5, 2008

This blog is going to be about my life, and yours. You can vent in the comments you leave me, or email me at:

Im mostly venting in my blogs, and then i will talk about what i have learned from what i have done in the problem.. Its really a daily life blog.

And your allowed to judge me, i dont care, i want to be judged. I need answers to my questions, i need help with my problems.

I hope you guys enjoy venting to me, because i love to listen, and i hope you enjoy my life living blog/s.